Welcome to the 2017 Swamp Cabbage Festival and Parade!
Saturday, February 25, 2017, 10:00 AM


The Parade Route will begin on South Bridge St in front of the Catholic Church and end on Main Street. Bridge Street will be closed to vehicular traffic beginning at 8:00 am. Entries can begin arriving at that time.

Please enter the parade route from Cowboy Way. Parade representatives will be along the route with location information. You MUST be in your assigned spot by 9:30 am. Those entries that arrive later will automatically forfeit their assigned position and will be added to the end of the parade, in front of the horses.

When You Arrive

1. Numbers will be painted on the side of the street coinciding with parade entry numbers.
2. When you have found your position, please move your entry to the side of the street immediately, DO NOT BLOCK the center of the street. Parade officials and others entries will use the center lane to move along the line up area.
3. Please make sure all participants in your entry have read the parade rules & policies.
4. Please make sure your entry number is visible on your entry.

During the Parade

1. A staff member will signal your entry into the parade.
2. Once you have entered the parade, keep a safe car length between you and the entry in front of you. Do not tailgate and do not stop unless directed by parade or emergency vehicles.
3. General traffic will not be permitted on the parade route anytime between 8:30 am and 30 minutes after the completion of the parade.
4. Please do not remove roadblocks or other traffic control devices along the parade route. If a parade official permits the moving of the roadblock, please make sure it is put back where it was.
5. Please be extremely careful of pedestrians and other parade units while moving along the parade route. 6. Parade officials will be equipped with communication devices in case of emergencies.

After the Parade

1. Please exit the parade route via Park Ave to the left, then south on Main St, and right along ????. Signs will direct parade traffic to a de-staging area. (Participants will have the option of leaving the flow of traffic at this time to begin the process of unloading or will be able to stay on the route and exit along Hwy 80).
2. Do not block any street with your entry.
3. Do not attempt to enter the park with the entry unless you have made prior arrangements with the SCF committee.
4. Please be very careful of pedestrians and other entries leaving the parade route as traffic will be quite heavy during this time.

Rules for “Free Roaming Entries”

1. Do not interfere with the movement of floats or other entries such as cars, swamp buggies, etc.
2. Parade staff, pedestrians, police, and walking units have the right-of-way at all times.
3. Limit your speed to 5-10 mph when on parade route unless told otherwise by a parade official.
4. Do not traverse the center of the street before or after the parade. The center is reserved for float and parade staff only.

Other Helpful Information

1. All SCF staff are equipped with communication equipment for emergency needs.
2. All parade staff will have a copy of the parade line-up and rules.