Don’t Miss a Single Event At Swamp Cabbage 2018

Tentative Event Schedule – Please look back for  Changes and Additions

Tuesday, February 20th

6pm-9pm – Eli Mosley Band

Saturday, February 25th    

MC will be Mickey Foster

11:30am – Opening Prayer – Mitchell Wills ⁄ National Anthem – Press On

11:45am –2018 Queen and Princess Intro & Performances

12:00pm –     Showtime Cloggers 

12:45pm – Roger Jokela

1:30pm –Grand Marshal, Pioneer Family Intro & Parade Awards

1:45pm – Unforgiven Band        

2:30pm – Ayla Lynn       

3:00pm– Joe Mobley

3:30pm – Bass Tournament Winners Announced

3:45pm – Chris MacArthur and the Florida Cracker Boys

4:30pm – Country Rhythm Cloggers       

5:00pm – Darryl Worley

            Entertainment ends 6:30pm

Sunday, February 26th    

10:00am – Press On

10:30am – Roger Jokela

11:15am – 2018 Queen and Princess Intro & Performances

12:30pm – Sugar Lime Blue Band

1:15pm – The Dance Company

2:00pm – 64 to Grayson Gospel Band

2:45pm – Athletic Ambitions

3:15pm – Tru Country Band

            Entertainment ends 4pm

This year’s Swamp Cabbage is packed with all your favorite events like the Oldtimers Dinner, Parade, Rodeo, Block Party and much more. We hope to see you there!

LaBelle Swamp Cabbage Festival…Through the Years!